How to Recognize and Celebrate Your Own Greatness

What is your definition of “greatness”?

What does greatness means to you?

It doesn’t matter how you formulate this question; it will have the same result. Does that remind you of anything? It reminded me of when I was in Math class, and the teacher would demonstrate an example in multiple ways. But if you were a nerd and ended up solving a problem, maybe because you needed more confidence, you would approach the teacher and verify your result was correct.

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, greatness has three meanings:

  • Importance and fame, power, or success
  • the large amount, size, or degree of something
  • the very good quality of something

People often mention Lebron James as the “greatest of all time” (G.O.A.T.). If you want a bit of rivalry, Michael Jordan will ALWAYS be the G.O.A.T. If you are a tennis fan, Roger Federer is a better player than Rafael Nadal. If you were talking about rappers, Billboard made a list of The 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time. They list Eminem at No.5 and Jay-Z at No.1.

I would put it the other way around. But once again, this depends on who exactly you are talking with. It can get tricky because you may get stuck in a conversation with someone with a different mindset than yours. There’s a thrill simultaneously, even though it can get frustrating.

According to society, someone with money, luxury cars, and mansions has achieved success and greatness. Society has tried to instill in us the meaning of greatness and success when it all depends on YOU.

To me, greatness is someone who sets goals, makes sacrifices, and pushes themselves to work hard. All of them go hand-in-hand. There’s a supplement brand that I follow, Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN), which inspires me not only physically but also mentally. In January 2023, they launched a campaign called “Go One More Prove Yourself Right.” For those who don’t know, BPN’s motto is “Go One More,” and they’ve added “Prove Yourself Right” to invite anybody to commit to something physically challenging, pushing your limits. Once you select it and set the date on your calendar, it will motivate you to commit. If you fail the first time, what’s important is to keep going and commit once again until you see the result you want.

Most of the followers from this brand made a list of key events they wanted to pursue. Whether it was a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or a marathon, it didn’t matter. It could be to read more books in weeks, listen to more podcasts, or tackle David Goggins’s 4×4×48 challenge. Do it if you want to balance physical tasks and reading books. It makes you grow. Your mindset will change. Nobody else will know the weeks of grueling running schedules you have put yourself into by waking up early, the muscle soreness, the sacrifices you made, and the amount of work you’re putting in. It’s you who decides and gives a definition to greatness in your life.

What is your definition of greatness?

*Chat GPT did not write this.

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