Netflix Adds Nike Training Workouts Section

If your New Year’s goal was to get into fitness, you’re in luck!

Netflix has decided to include fitness content with the help of Nike Training Club on the streaming site. A total of 30 hours of exercise sessions will be released. The program will be available in multiple languages and include workouts for all fitness levels and interests.

The material launched so far include the following:

  • “Kickstart Fitness with the Basics” 13 episodes
  • “Two Weeks to a Stronger Core” 7 episodes
  • “Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga” 6 episodes
  • “HIIT & Strength with Tara” 14 episodes
  • “Feel-Good Fitness” 6 episodes

More programs will be launched later on in 2023.

In case you didn’t know, Nike Training Club has a free app, which can be downloaded and offers a range of different workouts for all fitness levels, including strength training, yoga, and HIIT workouts, led by Nike’s certified trainers.

*This was not written by Chat GPT

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