New Year’s Goals

New Year is just around the corner. It is a tradition to make a list of goals to achieve. It can be starting with fitness, meditation sessions, learning a new language, or opening that business you have finally dreamed about.

The majority of the goals that we list could be more realistic. A week can pass, and we forget about it. Why? Depending on the type of goal written, it should be simple enough to turn it into a habit by doing it daily.

Strive for something like an example, Project 50. Seven goals for a total of fifty days. Some of its benefits are the following:

  • Improved mental health
  • Increased productivity
  • Create healthy habits
  • Achieving goals
  • Better sleep
  • Lower stress levels

And what are those seven goals in Project 50?

  1. Wake up before 8 AM.
  2. Do your morning routine: 1 hour of no distraction
  3. Exercise for 1 hour
  4. Read 10 pages a day
  5. Follow a healthy diet
  6. Dedicate 1 hour to learning a new skill
  7. Track your progress in a journal

Seven goals. Simple. Since you are practicing these seven goals daily, it takes 28 days to develop a new habit.

I’m going to share some of my goals for 2023. Some are habits that I would do every day, but I stopped doing them. When you stop, it’s as if you have lost something.

  1. Wake up at 6:30 AM
  2. Meditate for 17 minutes. (2 sessions)
  3. Sip my coffee while reading a page from ‘The Daily Stoic.’
  4. Continue to increase my fitness with my Whoop
  5. Continue to focus on my healthy meals and snacks
  6. Get better at copywriting
  7. Come up with new recipes for a homemade snack

As you can tell, these are simple goals to add and practice to a list. Increasing my fitness is something that I constantly work with, but other habits like meditating and reading ‘The Daily Stoic’ is something that I miss and want to continue doing.

I invite you to take some time, sit down, and list four goals. Please take a moment to analyze them and start practicing them. You can start in New Year’s 2023. The thing is to trick your mind into thinking these are goals and instead practices that will eventually turn into habits. I promise you that since it will turn into habits, you will notice the difference the day you stop doing them because you have a hectic day.

What are some of your goals?

* Chat GPT did not write this.

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