Why I Switched From Athletic Greens to BPN’s Strong Greens

Every athlete knows that a good fitness program, nutrition, and supplements can help you reach your goals. Entering the world of consumer packaged goods (CPG) as a beginner and finding one that goes best based on your needs can be daunting. Working out and good nutrition go hand-in-hand; lastly, supplements should assist with our diet.
Probiotics and prebiotics supplements have their role in helping support better gut health.

What is it about prebiotics and probiotics?

According to the article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutritioningesting probiotics and prebiotics has been associated with anticarcinogenic effects, which results in the detoxification of genotoxins in the gut.

Studies have shown that prebiotics also possesses a protective effect against colon carcinogenesis, mainly attributed to the production of short-chain fatty acids upon its fermentation by gut microflora. Pretty cool!

Having a job where you have to cope with high stress, sleep changes, and shift changes can mess with your gut. I continued doing research, and that was a pivotal factor to blame. 

Purchasing Athletic Greens

I decided to purchase one pouch as a beginner of Athletic Greens (AG1) and try it.
AG1 is a supplement that, in one daily scoop, has 75 different ingredients — no GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The pouch will deliver “multivitamins to help balance a well-functioning nervous system, probiotics to support your gut health and enhance nutrient absorption, and prebiotics to feed probiotics so they can multiply and establish an ongoing presence in your digestive system.” In other words, you are helping your gut, immune system, metabolism, and ability to adapt to stress. It’s a win-win.

I did notice the benefits and felt the difference. But there were two downsides—the flavor. I would have to mix it in smoothies; otherwise, I would do everything possible to pass. And second, budget-wise, I wanted to play with mine and check another brand. I cut and moved to Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) and their wellness products— Strong Greens and Strong Reds.

What made me switch to BPN’s Strong Greens Strong Reds?

I spent a month with AG1, so I found BPN and did my research with the company. Nick Bare inspires with his motto, “Go One More,” not only performance-wise but in your life. The company opts to test everything and prohibited substances, and when you add the powder to water, it dilutes. No chalky flavors or chunks; that’s a win-win for me.

Strong Greens have two flavors (lemon and pineapple coconut), and the primary goal is to improve gut health and digestion, reduce stomach bloating and discomfort, support your immune system, reduce inflammation, and, of course, increase natural energy and mental clarity. While Strong Reds is in strawberry flavor, it was created to promote blood flow and nutrient absorption. Think of it this way: mix everything green (without the grassy aftertaste) and red, and you get all benefits in your body.

I started taking Greens first and then bought Reds, and I’ve noticed the improvements when I consume them in the morning post-workouts. I decided to continue purchasing other supplements from this brand as I have the same views regarding their mission, love Nick Bare’s motto of “Go One More” not only in performance but in life, and how easily the supplements mix with water without drinking chunks, and of course how they continue to bring new flavors. 

Every one of us has different needs in our bodies, and we should take some time to take that in, analyze it and do something. Our bodies are a temple, and we should take care of it.

*This was not written by Chat GPT

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